Why a No Meat Diet Means
Permanent Weight Loss


The case for a no meat diet is overwhelming if you want to lose weight for life. This page focuses on the weight loss and health benefits of becoming a vegetarian.

You came to this site to learn the secret to losing weight permanently and having vibrant health. It's easy: adopt a plant-based diet. This one change will free you forever from trying to follow strict diet plans, count calories, or purchase expensive, prepackaged diet food.

You will lose weight permanently on a plant-based diet. You will be healthier and look younger.

Why is this plan easy to stick to? Because you can eat a lot of food! Do you love to eat? So do I! Knowing I can eat as much as I want of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables takes the pressure off and prevents that "deprived" feeling. This lifestyle works for me because I can eat a lot and still stay thin.

Why Does A No Meat Diet Work?

A plant-based diet is naturally high fiber. More fiber means less build-up in your stomach, intestines, and colon. Your digestive system will operate more efficiently and you will quickly turn food into the fuel your body needs, jump starting your metabolism. High fiber foods have also been associated with lower colon and breast cancer rates and lower diabetes.

A vegan diet is naturally low fat, and contains virtually no saturated fat. Fat has more calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein. By lowering the fat grams, you will effortlessly consume fewer calories.

Why Is a No Meat Diet Healthier?

The number one killer in the US is heart attacks. Studies have demonstrated switching to a no meat diet lowers cholesterol and reduces the incidence of heart disease and strokes.

Fruit, vegetables, and soy products contain high levels of anti-oxidants and trace minerals. These magical components super charge your immune system and significantly lower the incidence of cancer.

If you are skeptical about the basis for these claims, check out the books and websites in Lose Weight Resources.

Livestock produced on factory farms is pumped full of growth hormones and steroids to increase production of eggs and milk and make them fatten quicker. Humans consuming meat, milk and eggs treated with growth hormones and steroids ingest enough of these substances to cause weight gain as well.

Early onset of puberty in adolescent girls can be linked to the growth hormones in today’s factory-farm produced meat, dairy, and eggs.

Farm animals are treated with antibiotics to ward off disease that would otherwise be rampant in the crowded, unsanitary conditions in which they are raised. These antibiotics are a leading cause of antibiotic resistance in humans, and are partially to blame for the explosion in “superbugs” we are seeing in today’s hospitals.

A no meat diet will further protect you from the harmful chemicals found in animal feed. As we learned in Purify Your Body , ridding your system of toxins is necessary to long-term weight loss.

The case for a plant-based diet is overwhelming. Go to the Diet page to review how to get started on your journey to the healthy way to lose weight for life.

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