Gentle Techniques to Purify Your Body

purify your body

Purify your body to reach a healthy weight with much less effort. Want more energy? How about avoiding cancer, higher energy level, and better sleep? Then use these gentle techniques with detox for faster weight loss and vibrant health.

Burn calories more efficiently and increase energy levels by ridding your body of toxins and chemicals.

It has taken years for your body to accumulate these damaging foreign substances. They permeate your every cell. But you can safely lose weight with detox techniques that are quite simple.

Drinking more water permits all of your body's systems to operate more efficiently and promotes elimination of toxins.

Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses per day. Always have a glass or bottle of water nearby. Sipping water all day is a good habit to develop becuase it helps to purify your body.

Massage will reduce stress and flush your muscles of toxins. And massage is an enjoyable non-food reward. Try different therapists and venues until you find one that you are comfortable with.

benefits massage Saunas have been used for centuries by many cultures to purify the body of toxins. A sauna increases metabolism and pulse rate, promotes flexibility of the blood vessels, and increases blood flow to the extremities. Many experience a sense of psychological calm and contentment as well as physical rejuvenation.

If you are ready to try a new exercise regime, yoga will induce overall health, stress relief, and body purification. There are many forms of yoga. Most YMCA's have multiple classes that are inexpensive and convenient. Read more about the Benefits of Yoga.

Substances to Eliminate

There are certain things we choose to put into our bodies that have no restorative value and will sabotage weight loss and overall health. The most obvious is tobacco. If you are still smoking, make quitting a high priority.

Carbonated drinks should be curtailed and preferably eliminated from your diet. Substitute organic fruit juice or water. Anything containing artificial sweeteners such as aspartame is not helping you detox. In the Diet section we cover natural sweeteners that are beneficial and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

A couple of words about caffeine and coffee. Caffeine in moderation is not problematic. Coffee has anti-oxidant properties.

However, coffee takes a back seat to tea, especially green tea, so if you can switch, your body purification and overall health will benefit.

Finally, as discussed in the Diet section, eliminate processed foods as much as possible. This does not mean you can never have another slice of pizza. There are healthy, organic versions of pizza that are delicious! As you explore health food stores your eyes will be opened to a new universe of food options. See Products We Love.

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